Just getting started


So this is it. Relaunching my website. I removed the old static page with just a bunch of images from stuff I made over the last two years. The general idea is to have a more informative site that I will gradually shape into my personal blog and portfolio. And it will all happen right before your eyes!

For now I have started with WordPress’ default twentytwelve theme. This may change over the course of this process. Or I might stick with it and just change bits and pieces on the way. I’m still undecided about that.

So over the next few weeks this site may change quite a lot (I hope) and hopefully will become a place for me to share my thoughts and learnings. I plan to do a lot of sharing here. For an important part inspired by this excellent blog post by Laura Kalbag. And mainly what she writes about sharing the “simple” stuff.

The web is a big and varied place. To assume that someone else has read something just because you’ve read it is foolish. How do we learn about these resources? When do we all decide that we’re all going to read these particular sites and articles so that we’re all equally informed?

Like Laura mentions in her post I too have always been quite apprehensive about writing about markup and code, because I thought there’s not much I could add that wasn’t common knowledge already. But as she points out, we’re not al reading the same blogs and follow the same devs we look up to on Twitter. So it might not be such a bad idea to share the solutions we find, even if we think we were the last one struggling with this problem. Because you never know who you might help with your solution to some nice multi level navigation menu.

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